GE 98109 Computer Keyboard User Manual

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6. Special Function Hot Keys
6-1. Overview of all hot keys
Hot keys are the unique keys for quick and direct access to programs, files or commands. Using hot
keys can increase your productivity as you do not have to take your hand off the keyboard so
frequently, e.g. to use the mouse.
The available hot keys depend on the keyboard model and the operating system used. The following
list shows the icon on each hot key and the standard assignment of the hot keys.
6-2. Description of Multimedia Key Zone
Play or pause media. Once paused, press this key again to resume
Stop playing media.
Previous Track
Skip to the previous media track. Press once to return to the
beginning of the current back and press again for each preceding
Next Track
Skip to the next media track. Press once for each subsequent
Open Media
Opens Media Player.
Volume up
Increase the volume. Hold down to increase the volume more
Turn off the sound. Press again to turn the sound back on.
Volume down
Decrease the volume. Hold down to decrease the volume more