Panasonic 71600272 Laptop Docking Station User Manual

Universal Display Mount
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The Universal Display Mount attaches directly to a Center Upper Pole or other mounting
equipment containing a Gamber-Johnson swivel pattern cutout. It can also mount to an
In-Dash bracket (optional). It will provide swivel, tilt and height adjustment to a variety
of display solutions. Optional keyboard trays provides lockable stowage for keyboards.
With optional adapter plates the Universal Display Mount accepts:
- 75mm Vesa
- 100mm Vesa
- Gamber Johnson 4.09"X2.00" Accessories
- Motorola MW800/MW810
- Panasonic PDRC
- Panasonic CF-19 on Gamber-Johnson dock
1. For installation on an In-Dash bracket, please refere to the installation instructions
provided with the In-Dash kit.
2. To mount, place one Nylon Bearing (Item 3) on the mounting surface (DS-Upper, Center
Upper, MCS, etc.).
3. Set the Universal Display Mount (Item 1) on top of Nylon Bearing (Item 3) and insert
three (3) .25-20 X 1.00 Carriage Bolts (Item 2) thru square holes in the mount, the Nylon
Bearing and the mounting surface.
4. On the underside of the mounting surface, install the other Nylon Bearing (Item 3), then
the Backup Plate (Item 4).
(Note: For proper swivel motion ensure parts are installed in the correct order,
preventing metal to metal contact.
5. Install the three .25 Flat Washers (Item 5) and .25-20 Lock Nuts (Item 6).
6. Tighten the
Lock Nuts (Item 6) as required to adjust the amount of resistance in the swivel