Philips 105S5 Computer Monitor User Manual

Disconnect the monitor from the mains supply if the monitor is not to be used for extended
period of time.
Do not attempt to remove the back cover, as you will be exposed to shock hazard. The back
cover should only be removed by qualified services personnel.
Do not place objects on top of the monitor cabinet, which could fall into vents or which could
cover them and prevent proper cooling of the monitor’s electronic devices.
Do not expose the monitor to rain or excessive moisture to avoid the risk of shock or permanent
damage to the set.
Avoid exposing the monitor to direct sunlight, stoves or any other heat sources.
To prevent overheating, make sure that the ventilation openings of the monitor are not covered.
Keep moisture and dust away.
Keep away from any magnetic objects, such as speakers, electric motors, transformers,…etc.
When positioning this monitor, make sure that the mains plug and socket are easily accessible.
Do not use alcohol or ammonia based liquid to clean the monitor. If necessary, clean with a
slightly damp cloth. Disconnect the monitor from the mains supply before cleaning.
Consult a service technician if the monitor does not operate normally when operating
instructions of this manual are followed.