Sony VPCEB Laptop User Manual

Full-Name Short-Name
Bluetooth BT
Felica Felica
Wireless WAN WAN
Wireless LAN WLAN
1seg Tuner 1seg
Finger Print Sensor FP
Security Chip TPM
Flash Memory F Mem
Camera Camera
If there is the Remarks column in the parts list, the features of applicable models are indicated in it for
the parts that are different depending on each model.
For the abbreviations used in the remarks column, please refer to the <table 1>.
x If “No-” is described on the left side of the Short-Name, it means ‘not equipped’.
Example: “No-BT” “No-Felica” etc.
x When several descriptions are listed, each description is separated with “, (comma)” or “or”. “Comma” means plus.
Example.1: The parts for the model equipped with BT and Felica and WLAN ÆBT, Felica, WLAN
Example.2: The parts for the model equipped with BT or Felica ÆBT or Felica
x If the color is in the remarks column, it indicates the color of parts itself.
<table 1>
xParts List is attached on the upper right portion of each EXPLODED VIEW.
x Items marked “*” are not stocked since they are seldom required for routine service.
Some delay should be anticipated when ordering these items.
xThe mechanical parts with no reference number in the exploded views are not supplied.
xThe parts marks “$” are the Reuse Parts.
xThe parts marks with “&” indicates specific parts handling for Japan region.
Disregard “&” marking for other than Japan region.
x Color after description in [ ] shows color variation name of the main body.
x The model that is accompanied by asterisk () is the CTO model.
xWhen replacing the HDD of RAID setting, please exchange to the same HDD that was installed.
Basically, the parts marked “z” should be used for service.
The parts marked “” in the parts list are substitution parts.
If the part marked “z” is not available, you can order the parts marked “”,
but it may not be stocked.
[Sony Confidential]
VPCEB Series (9-852-873-XX)