Yamaha Rio1608-D Webcam User Manual

R Remote Operation Manual 1
R Remote
Operation Manual
Thank you for choosing a Yamaha product.
This operation manual explains setup and use of "R Remote," a Windows application that lets you
make head amp (subsequently "HA") settings for the Rio3224-D/Rio1608-D/Ri8-D (subsequently "R
series") units.
One computer can make head amp settings for up to eight R series units.
Precautions(Please be sure to read this section first!)
Yamaha Corporation owns exclusive copyrights for the R Remote, and the operation manual.
It is prohibited to duplicate or modify the firmware, software or manuals, in part or in their
entirety, without permission from the copyright owner.
The screen shots in this guide are for use with this update procedure only and may be different
from the actual screen shots.
This software was not produced with the intention to support touch-panel operation in Windows 8
/ Windows 8.1, so we cannot guarantee operation if a touch-panel is used.
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