Acer ISDN P10 Network Card User Manual

About this Manual
This manual is designed to assist users in installing, configuring and
troubleshooting the AcerISDN P10 ISDN card. Information in this
document has been carefully checked for accuracy; however, no guarantee
is given as to the correctness of the contents. The information contained in
this document is subject to change without notice.
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CE Approval
All CE approved ISDN devices may be connected to the Euro-
ISDN in all countries of the EU.
The AcerISDN P10 has been approved by the German BZT
according to the new European procedure and may therefore be
connected to the Euro-ISDN in all EU countries. This ISDN card
therefore complies with:
NET 3 (ISDN Basic Rate Access)
Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards
Safety Standards