American Dynamics LCD Computer Monitor User Manual
Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products may vary
from photos. Not all products include all features. Availability varies by region; contact your sales rep.
Minimize your spatial requirements and get brighter,
better pictures with our flat panel LCD Monitors. At less
than 2" thick, these monitors are so light you can hang
them on a wall. Featuring easy to use on-screen menus,
the LCD monitors automatically configure and calibrate
screen resolution and can be manually adjusted as well.
Available with black or white cases, they come in a variety
of sizes and include rack-mount, wall-mount and desktop
Public View Monitors
Some of our monitors are designed for public view
applications and feature tempered, shatter-resistant
glass screens, an integrated camera module, and
remote controls that make it convenient to adjust the
settings from a distance. Certain models also include
a 12 volt power outlet that lets customers plug in a
second camera without adding extra cabling. Choose
from a variety of CRT, LCD and plasma monitors.
In the world of monitors, bigger is sometimes better. Our
plasma monitors rank among the biggest screens you can
get in the CCTV industry. High resolutions with 700-800
TV lines and an 800:1 contrast ratio render video in
brilliant color that enables you to see detail with the
greatest precision possible. Less than 4" deep, these
monitors include a base as well as optional wall mounts.
We offer a comprehensive line of CRT monitors: color,
black & white, high and standard resolution, with whatever
number of inputs you need. New flat screen models help
eliminate curvature or distortion in the image. View the
entire picture, including peripheral detail that normally
gets blocked out, with an underscan/overscan feature.
Hear as well as see what’s going on with looping audio
e provide a comprehensive range of monitors — everything from a 9" black & white
CRT that can be dual-mounted in your standard EIA 19" rack to a high definition,
widescreen 50" plasma monitor. Our screen resolution and crystal clear imaging make surveillance
easier to perform and more accurate. Whether you require single or multiple inputs, a shallow
profile or heavy duty metal cabinet, American Dynamics can deliver the right monitor for the job.
Every monitor we offer complies with universal mounting standards so you can install our products
wherever you need them.