AOC 916SWA Computer Monitor User Manual

11. Click on the 'Open' button, then click the 'OK' button.
12. Select your monitor model and click on the 'Next' button.
- If you can see the 'has not passed Windows® Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows® XP' message, please click on the 'Continue Anyway' button.
13. Click on the 'Finish' button then the 'Close' button.
14. Click on the 'OK' button and then the 'OK' button again to close the Display_Properties dialog box.
Windows Vista
1. Start Windows® Vista
2. Click the Start button; select and click on 'Control Panel'.
3. Select and click on 'Hardware and Sound'
4. Choose 'Device Manager' and Click on 'Update device drivers'.
5. Select 'Monitor' and then right click on 'Generic PnP Monitor'.
6. Click on 'Update Driver Software'.
7. Select 'Browse my computer for driver software'.
8. Click the 'Browse'button and choose the drive in which you've placed the disk. Example:(CD-ROM Drive:\\Lcd\PC\drivers\).
9. Click the 'Next' button.
10. Wait few minutes for installing the driver, and then click 'Close' button.
6. Technical Support
Frequently Asked Questions
Problem & Question Possible Solutions
Power LED Is Not ON
Make sure the power button is ON and the Power Cord is properly connected to a grounded power outlet
and to the monitor.
No Plug & Play
In order for the Plug & Play feature of the monitor to work, you need a Plug & Play compatible computer
& video card. Check with your computer manufacturer. Also check the monitor's video cable and make
sure none of the pins are bent.
Make sure the AOC Monitor Drivers are installed (AOC Monitor Drivers are available at :
Picture Is Fuzzy & Has Ghosting Shadowing
Adjust the Contrast and Brightness Controls.
Make sure you are not using an extension cable or switch box. We recommend plugging the monitor
directly to the video card output connector on the back of your computer.
Picture Bounces, Flickers Or Wave Pattern Is
Present In The Picture
Move electrical devices that may cause electrical interference as far away from the monitor as possible.
Use the maximum refresh rate your monitor is capable of at the resolution your are using.
Monitor Is Stuck In Active Off-Mode"
The Computer Power Switch should be in the ON position.
The Computer Video Card should be snugly seated in its slot.
Make sure the monitor's video cable is properly connected to the computer.
Inspect the monitor's video cable and make sure none of the pins are bent.
Make sure your computer is operational by hitting the CAPS LOCK key on the keyboard while observing
the CAPS LOCK LED. The LED should either turn ON or OFF after hitting the CAPS LOCK key.