Apple 17 ADC Computer Monitor User Manual

073-0592 Rev. A
Apple Studio Display 17 (ADC)
Monitor Stand
Replacement Instructions
Be sure to follow the instructions in this sheet carefully. Failure to follow
these instructions could result in damage to your equipment and may void
your warranty.
Replacing your monitor stand requires five basic steps:
Turn off the computer and disconnect the display cable.
Place the monitor upside down on a thick cloth.
Remove the monitor stand.
Install the replacement monitor stand.
Place the monitor upright, connect the display cable, and restart the
Written and video instructions covering customer-installable parts
are available at
Tools Required
Two jeweler’s flat-blade screwdrivers are required for this procedure.
If you do not have jeweler’s screwdrivers, two long carpenter’s nails
can be used. However, the head of the nail must be at least 6 mm wide to
prevent the nail from sliding into the enclosure.
Warning: If any tools or parts drop into the monitor, do not turn on the
monitor. Contact Apple for further assistance. Never turn on your
monitor unless all of its internal and external parts are in place and it
is closed. Operating the monitor when it is open or missing parts can
damage your monitor or cause injury.