Apple MC007LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

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Using a VESA Mounting Solution with Your Display
You can attach your display to an alternative mounting solution, using the VESA Mount
Adapter Kit available from the Apple Online Store at Use the
kit to attach your display to any available VESA-compatible mounting solution. Simply
follow the instructions included with the kit.
Before you lift or reposition your display, you may need to disconnect the cables and
power cord. Use correct lifting techniques when positioning the display. When lifting or
carrying the display, hold it by the edges. Don’t lift the display by the stand or the cord.
To clean the screen on your display:
1 Disconnect the power cord.
2 Use the cloth that came with your display, or another soft, dry cloth, to wipe dust from
the screen.
WARNING:  Don’t clean the screen with a cleaner containing alcohol or acetone. Use a
cleaner intended for use with a screen or display. Never spray cleaner directly on the
screen. It may drip inside the display and cause damage.