Apple MC007LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

Europe–EU Declaration of Conformity
High-Risk Activities Warning
This display is not intended for use in the operation of nuclear
facilities, aircraft navigation or communications systems, or air
trac control machines, or for any other uses where the failure of
the computer system could lead to death, personal injury or severe
environmental damage.
partner, Apple has determined that this
product meets the ENERGY STAR
requirements for energy
eciency. The ENERGY STAR
program is a partnership with
electronic equipment manufacturers to promote energy-ecient
products. Improving energy eciency of products saves money
and helps conserve valuable resources.
This display is shipped with power management enabled, which
allows the display to save power by decreasing luminance
when used in a room with low ambient lighting. This automatic
brightness control feature is enabled as a default setting in
Displays preferences. To adjust your display luminance manually,
use the display brightness keys on your keyboard or the brightness
adjustment in Displays preferences.
For more information about ENERGY STAR
, visit:
Apple and the Environment
Apple Inc. recognizes its responsibility to minimize the
environmental impacts of its operations and products. More
information is available on the web: