Balcar BVM-D24E1WU Computer Monitor User Manual

1.0 General Information
The purpose of this information is to provide the specification for a product whose
primary purpose is the reproduction of video information for one or more viewers.
This reproduction of this information is to be accomplished via a direct-view CRT
monitor. This document provides the minimum specifications for this device.
The performance comparison of displays is not only technical in nature, but is also
subjective to the user, when viewed in the final display environment. It is
recommended that devices meeting the requirements of this specification be
compared in the user’s application and environment, if possible.
2.0 Description
This product shall be classified as a direct-view CRT color monitor, or propduction
display. This device shall be directly compatible with video sources, without the use
of external devices to provide this compatibility.
This device shall employ the use of an HR Trinitron CRT for optimum display of high-
resolution sources.
This device shall be encased in a metal enclosure for durability.
3.0 Source Compatibility / Suitability for Application
3.1 Compatible Display Formats
SMPTE 240M 1035 line HDTV
SMPTE 274M 1080 line HDTV
SMPTE 296M 720 line HDTV
SMPTE 145 type C phosphor standard
ITU 601 colorimetry
ITU 709-2 colorimetry
3.2 Compatible Input Formats
SMPTE 170M NTSC Composite
ITU 601 PAL Composite
SMPTE 259M 525/625 Component serial digital video
SMPTE 292M HD Component serial digital video