Balcar BVM-D24E1WU Computer Monitor User Manual

4.0 User Interface / Controllability Information
Control of this device shall be accomplished through one of the following methods:
Parallel Remote Control
RS-485 Serial Control
This device shall provide a Type II PCMCIA card slot to store monitor settings
The optional parallel remote control shall provide access to all monitor setup
The serial control jack shall employ the use of a standardized device control
protocol that is understood by external control unit available as an accessory. This
control jack shall accept bi-directional serial commands that provide full control over
the device.
All monitor control functions shall be available for control through the serial control
jack. This jack shall be capable of connection to an optional serial controller that is
capable of controlling up to 32 monitors. This optional controller shall be capable of
storing monitor settings using a Type II PCMCIA flash card.
Monitor control functions also include auto landing, uniformity adjustments, and auto
white balance setup using Minolta, Philips, Thoma, and Grasby light probes.
5.0 Performance Specifications
This device shall employ the use of an HR Trinitron CRT with a minimum CRT
resolution of 1000 lines in 16:9 mode and 1000 lines in 4:3 mode. The CRT shall
employ the use of SMPTE-C phosphors.
This device shall be equipped with color temperature alignment system for easy set-
up with industry standard color analyzers. Different colorimetery settings shall be
able to be recalled for ITU or SMPTE production or film applications.
This device shall employ built-in auto setup, allowing for automatic adjustment of
chroma and phase.
This device shall provide color temperature stability using a beam current feedback
This device shall employ on-screen display of time code for editing and duplication