GE HO97958 Switch User Manual

Error Message Indicates Hub Power Overload or USB
Devices Do Not Function Properly
1. If you encounter this error, unplug your USB devices and
USB hub and reboot your computer. Reconnect your hub to
the computer, then try reconnecting your devices one at a
2. The USB Hub delivers 500mA of power distributed across all
four ports. This is sufficient power to connect four of the
most commonly used USB devices. However, 1% of user
applications involve one or more high-power USB devices
that will overload your hub unless used with an external
AC/DC power adapter.
3. You can order a power supply that is compatible with this
USB Hub by visiting our website at:
for $5.00 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.
4. Upon receipt of your power supply, connect the DC plug to
the hub first, then connect the AC plug into any standard wall
outlet or surge protector (GE surge protector recommended).
Then connect the hub to your computer, and then connect
your devices one at a time.
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