Linksys EZXS88Wv2 Switch User Manual

10/100 Workgroup Switches
Instant EtherFast
There are different grades, or categories, of twisted-pair cabling. Category 5
is the most reliable and is highly recommended. Category 3 is a good second
choice. Straight-through cables are used for connecting computers to a hub.
Crossover cables are used for connecting a hub to another hub (there is an
exception: some hubs have a built-in uplink port that is crossed internally,
which allows you to link or connect hubs together with a straight-through
cable instead).
You can buy pre-made Category 5
cabling, or cut and crimp your own.
Category 5 cables can be purchased
or crimped as either straight-through
or crossover cables. A Category 5
cable has 8 thin, color-coded wires
inside that run from one end of the
cable to the other. All 8 wires are
used. In a straight-through cable,
wires 1, 2, 3, and 6 at one end of the
cable are also wires 1, 2, 3, and 6 at
the other end. In a crossover cable,
the order of the wires change from
one end to the other: wire 1 becomes
3, and 2 becomes 6. See the diagrams
on the next page for
more detailed informa-
tion on straight-through
and crossover cabling.
To determine which wire is wire number 1, hold the
cable so that the end of the plastic RJ-45 tip (the part
that goes into a wall jack first) is facing away from you.
Face the clip down so that the copper side faces up (the
springy clip will now be parallel to the floor).When
looking down on the copper side, wire 1 will be on the
far left.
Twisted-Pair Cabling
Crimping Your Own Network Cables