Toshiba 510D Server User Manual

Toshiba MAGNIA™
Read-Me-First Addendum
Thank you for purchasing the Toshiba MAGNIA 510D.
This document explains the precautions for using your
MAGNIA 510D. To ensure the best performance,
please read this document carefully before configuring
the server.
Keep the document handy for future reference.
For the latest information and updates, please visit:
When using Windows NT Server 4.0
(1) Be sure to connect a mouse to the server.
If you use the server without a mouse, the keyboard
may become inoperative.
(2) Installing Windows NT Server 4.0 to the server
whose memory capacity exceeds 1,7MB
When the memory capacity exceeds 1,7MB,
Windows NT Server 4.0 cannot be installed because
of the limitations of Windows NT Server 4.0. In this
case, use the following procedure to install
Windows NT Server 4.0.
1/15 S00047-EN EH02 Rev. E