ViewSonic VX2255wmb Computer Monitor User Manual

ViewSonic VX2255wmb/VX2255wmh 5
Getting Started
Congratulations on your purchase of a ViewSonic
LCD display.
Important! Save the original box and all packing material for future shipping needs.
NOTE: The word “Windows” in this user guide refers to the following Microsoft operating
systems: Windows ‘95, Windows NT, Windows ‘98, Windows 2000, Windows Me
(Millennium), Windows XP, and Windows Vista.
Package Contents
Your LCD display package includes:
NOTE: The CD includes the User Guide PDF files and INF/ICM display optimization files.
The INF file ensures compatibility with Windows operating systems, and the ICM file (Image
Color Matching) ensures accurate on-screen colors. ViewSonic recommends that you install
both the INF and ICM files.
LCD display
Power cord
Line in cable
VGA cable
DVI-D cable
USB 2.0 cable (A-B type)
ViewSonic Wizard CD-ROM
•Webcam CD-ROM
Quick Start Guide
Sit at least 18” from the LCD display.
Avoid touching the screen. Skin oils are
difficult to remove.
Never remove the rear cover. This LCD
display contains high-voltage parts. You
may be seriously injured if you touch
Avoid exposing the LCD display to direct
sunlight or another heat source. Orient the
LCD display away from direct sunlight to
reduce glare.
Always handle the LCD display with care
when moving it.
Place the LCD display in a well ventilated
area. Do not place anything on the LCD
display that prevents heat dissipation.
Ensure the area around the LCD display is
clean and free of moisture.
Do not place heavy objects on the LCD
display, video cable, or power cord.
If smoke, an abnormal noise, or a strange
odor is present, immediately switch the
LCD display off and call your dealer or
ViewSonic. It is dangerous to continue
using the LCD display.
Do not rub or apply pressure to the LCD
panel, as it may permanently damage the