American Dynamics ADMCRT15 Computer Monitor User Manual

8. Accessories : Do not place this monitor on an unstable cart, stand,
tripod, bracket or table. The monitor may fall, causing serious injury to a
child or adult and serious damage to the appliance. Use only with a cart,
stand, tripod. bracket or table recommended by AD(AMERICAN
DYNAMICS) or sold with the monitor. Any mounting of the monitor
should follow AD(AMERICAN DYNAMICS)’s instructions and should
use a mounting accessory recommended by AD(AMERICAN
9. Ventilation : Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for
ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the monitor and to protect
it from overheating and these openings should never be blocked by
placing the monitor on a bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface. This
monitor should never be placed near or over a radiator or heat register.
This monitor should not be placed in a built-in installation such as a
bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or
AD(AMERICAN DYNAMICS)’s instructions have been adhered to.
10. Power Sources : This monitor should be operated only from the type of
power source indicated on the making label. If you are not sure of the
type of power supply to your installation site, consult your
AD(AMERICAN DYNAMICS) dealer or local power company.
11. Grounding or Polarization : For monitors equipped with a 3-wire
grounding-type plug having a third(grounding) pin. This plug will only
fit into a grounding type power outlet. This is a safety feature. If you are
unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact your electrician to
replace your obsolete outlet. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the
grounding-type plug.
12. Power : Cord Protection-Power supply cords should be routed so that
they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or
against them, paying particular attention to cords at plugs, convenience
receptacles and the point where they exit from the monitor.