Apple 24 Computer Monitor User Manual

iPod and iTunes at a Glance 10
Use iTunes to import music to your PC and transfer it to iPod, organize music on
iPod, and change settings on iPod. You can also use the iTunes Music Store
(inside iTunes) to purchase music online. The iTunes Music Store is available in
some countries/regions only.
Source list Click items in the Source list to see your music. The Source list
shows your library, playlists, CDs, iPod, the iTunes Music Store,
and other sources of music.
Main window The main window shows songs from the item selected in the
Source list.
Add button Click to add a playlist to the Source list. Click Library, then
drag songs to the playlist to add them.
Options button Select iPod in the Source list, then click this button to change
settings on iPod. This button only appears when iPod is
selected in the Source list.
Eject button Select iPod in the Source list, then click the Eject button to eject
iPod before disconnecting it from your PC.
Source list
Main window
Eject button
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