Apple 24 Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 1 Lesson 1: Getting Music Into iTunes 15
Adding Songs Already on Your PC to the
iTunes Library
If you have songs on your PC encoded in file formats that iTunes supports, you
can easily import the songs into iTunes.
To add songs on your PC to the iTunes library:
Drag the folder or disk containing the audio files to Library in the Source list (or
choose File > Add to Library and select the folder or disk). If iTunes supports the
song file format, the songs are automatically added to the iTunes library.
You can also drag individual song files to iTunes.
Once You Have Imported Songs
Once you have your music in iTunes, you can play the songs in iTunes, create
playlists, and much more. For more information on using iTunes to manage and
play songs, open iTunes and choose Help > iTunes and Music Store Help.
To learn how to transfer music to your iPod, read Lesson 2 of this tutorial. Page 15 Tuesday, July 13, 2004 12:50 PM