Apple 24 Computer Monitor User Manual

iPod and iTunes at a Glance 8
iPod Menu
When you turn on iPod, you see the main menu. Select menu items to go to other
menus or perform functions on iPod. Status icons along the top of the screen show
iPod settings.
iPod Menu
Lock icon The Lock icon appears when the Hold switch (on top of iPod) is
set to Hold. When the switch is set to Hold, the iPod controls
are disabled.
Menu title Displays the title of the current menu.
Play status The Play icon ( ) appears if a song is playing. The Pause icon
( ) appears if a song is paused.
Battery status The Battery icon shows the remaining battery charge. If the
battery is charging, the icon is animated.
Menu items Use the Click Wheel to scroll through menu items. Press the
Select button (in the center of iPod) to select an item. An arrow
next to a menu item indicates that selecting it leads to another
Play status
Menu items
Battery status
Menu tit
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