Apple IIc Computer Monitor User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of an Apple Monitor IIc, part
of the growing line of quality Apple computer products. Your
monitor's lightweight, compact design incorporates many
convenient features:
High-contrast, non-glare screen.
High resolution 80 or 40-character display.
Innovative design.
Easy-care, sturdy cabinet.
Even though your Monitor IIc is simple to install and operate, we
recommend you take a few minutes to read through this manual
and learn how to obtain maximum performance.
Connecting Your Monitor IIc
Follow these simple steps to install your Monitor IIc:
1. Be sure your monitor and computer are turned off before
plugging any cables into them.
2. Select the proper location for your Monitor IIc:
on optional IIc tilt-stand
on desk top or sturdy
shelf near computer
Connecting Your Monitor IIc 1
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