Apple IIc Computer Monitor User Manual

Vertical Hold
Vertical Size
Stabilizes screen display
if rolling occurs.
Lengthens or shortens
vertical height of picture.
Intensifies screen
Monitor Operation
To start using your Monitor IIc, just insert a program disk into
the built-in disk drive and turn on both the monitor and your
Apple IIc. If you're a first-time Apple user, your computer
owner's manual will help you with full instructions on getting
your Apple up and running.
Adjusting Contrast and
Contrast and brightness work together to provide optimum
picture quality. Follow these steps to adjust them properly:
1. Load a program, and turn on both the computer and
the monitor.
2. Turn the contrast control up as high as it will go.
(Rotate the knob away from you.)
3. Turn the brightness control clockwise until the
background lines on the screen are clearly visible.
4. Turn the brightness control counterclockwise until the
background lines just disappear.
5. Adjust the contrast control to give a pleasing level of
text illumination.
4 Monitor IIc Controls
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