GE 45609 Switch User Manual

diagram. It can then be added to groups and/or lighting scenes
and managed remotely to control the On/Off status of the
connected lighting.
Air Gap Switch
The 45609 has an air gap switch on the lower left side (see diagram
for location) to completely disconnect power to the load. Pull the
air gap switch OUT to disconnect the power while replacing light
bulbs and push it all the way back in for normal operation. The air
gap switch must be all the way in for the switch to function and
control the lighting.
Key Features
Remote On/Off control via the Z-Wave controller/network
Manual On/Off control with the front panel rocker
LED indicates switch location in a dark room
Remote Control
GE Z-Wave remotes provide control of an Individual device,
Groups of devices and Scenes. Other brands of Z-Wave Certified
remotes may not offer as much flexibility in how you can set up
your lighting control network. Please refer to your remote control’s
instructions for details on its capabilities and instructions for add-
ing and controlling devices.
Manual Control
The 45609 switch allows the user to:
Turn ON/OFF the connected lighting.
To turn the connected lighting ON: Tap the top of the rocker.
To turn the connected lighting OFF: Tap the bottom of the
Program your Light Switch (Include or exclude the switch
to/from the Z-Wave home control network.)
Refer to the instructions for your primary controller to access
the network setup function and include or exclude devices.
When prompted by your primary controller, tap the top or
bottom of the rocker.
The primary controller should indicate that the action
was successful. If the controller indicates the action was
unsuccessful, please repeat the procedure.