GE DEH40206 Switch User Manual

DEH40206 Installation Instructions
The ProSys Lighting Control System is a small network of
relay panels and occupant control switches linked by a 4-wire
dataline. Together, these devices form a reconfigurable
switching platform — one that uses “softwiring” instead of
hardwiring to link occupant switches to relays.
There are four basic configurations of SWS (or dataline
switches): the single-gang, 1-, 2- and 4-button RS1PS-x,
RS2PS-x and RS4PS-x, respectively, and the two-gang,
8-button RS8PS-x.
Each switch includes a bi-color LED status light for each control
button and a locator light. In addition, the 2-, 4- and 8-button
units have directories which accept standard
8" wide (9mm)
labels. The x suffix in the catalog number refers to button and
switchplate color: 2 = ivory, 4 = almond, 7 = white and 9 = grey.
ProSys softwired switches are available with a key-
enabled override function. The switch will be disabled
except when a key is used to activate a 5 minute
override period. Dip switch 4 must be in the off position
to enable this feature as shown on page 8. Order this
feature by adding a -K to the part number for the 1- 2-,
4-, and 8-button switch. For example: RS2PSxK.
Any button on a Softwire Switch may be softwired to:
Any relay or group of relays within a single relay panel
A channel within a single relay panel
The same channel among multiple panels (requires an
RCLK8PS Softwired Clock, which also operates as a
handheld programmer)
Before starting, read the following installation
instructions. If you have questions, call GE Total
Lighting Control Service at:
1-877-584-2685 (LTG-CNTL) in the USA and Canada.
ProSys Lighting Control System
Catalog Number RSxPS-x
GE Total Lighting Control
ProSys Softwired Switches, 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-button
These instructions do not cover all details or variations in equipment nor do they provide for every possible contingency that may be met in connection with
installation, operation or maintenance. Should further information be desired or should particular problems arise that are not covered for the purchaser's purposes,
the matter should be referred to the GE Company.