LG Electronics RD-JT41 Projector User Manual

LG RD-JT40/41 Service Manual
Lamp Information
Use and Replacement of the Lamp
When the lamp Indicator lights up red or a message appears suggesting the time of
lamp replacement, please install a new lamp or consult your dealer. An old lamp
could cause a malfunction in the projector and in rare instances may even explode.
Lamp LED Indicators
Lamp Life Indicators When the LED lights up red, it is warning you
that lamp usage has exceeded 1500 hours.
Replace the projection lamp with a new one
The Lamp is not properly
LED lights up red.
The temperature is too high When the projector!s internal temperature is too
high for the projector to operate safely, the LED
blinks orange and the lamp turns off
automatically. The LED keeps blinking while
the unit is off. If the LED light is off, the
operation and temperature of the projector!s
lamp are normal.
The LAMP indicator will light up if the lamp becomes too hot. Turn off the power and let the
projector cool for 45 minutes. If the LAMP indicator is still red when turning the power on, please
contact your dealer.