Sharp MX-M565N Copier User Manual

Integrating with Network Applications and Cloud Services
Has Never Been So Easy
With standard Application Communication and External Accounting
modules, the MX-M365N/M465N/M565N Advanced Series offers enhanced
document workflow capabilities to help businesses leverage their network
infrastructure, cloud-enabled services and more.* While others are limited
to a small circle of productivity, the Sharp OSA development platform allows
businesses to leverage the power of their network applications, back-end
systems, even cloud-enabled services, right from
the touch-screen panel of this new series.
Save Time, Increase Efficiency
You’ll save time and increase the efficiency of everyday tasks
with Sharp OSA technology because it can be virtually seamless
to the user. Any MX-M365N/M465N/M565N anywhere in the
organization can display choices that were once only available on
a desktop PC. With one-touch access to business applications via
Sharp OSA integration, you can start and finish a document
distribution task without worry.
Customized Integration
Sharp OSA technology also provides powerful customization. With the
ability to personalize applications and processes specific to your business,
Sharp OSA technology can help eliminate redundancy and streamline
workflow, helping to save time and optimize productivity. The latest
version of Sharp OSA technology can reach beyond the firewall, enabling
cloud-based applications over the Internet. And since Sharp OSA technology
utilizes industry-standard network protocols such as SOAP and XHTML,
third party software developers can deliver customized solutions to your
business faster than ever.
The Convenience You Want with the Security You Need
The MX-M365N/M465N/M565N Advanced Series with the Sharp OSA
development platform is the logical choice for providing fast, flexible
access to documents and matter where you are in the
office. You also get the controlled access and tracking
ability you require with tighter integration capabilities
for network security and accounting applications.
* Some features require optional equipment and/or software/services.
Streamline your document workflow and enhance productivity with Sharp OSA technology.
Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM)*
Make management of your MX-M365N/M465N/M565N simple
and straightforward with Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM). This
easy-to-use software allows you to take control of the versatile system
features and simplifies installation and management.
With Printer Status Monitor, network users can view printer conditions,
check paper levels, toner, and more, all through an easy-to-use interface.
With Sharp Remote Device Manager, administrators can easily manage the
setup, configuration, device settings, cloning and more. Advanced features
such as Remote Front Panel allow administrators and support personnel
to view and control the LCD panel of the machine remotely from virtually
any PC on the network. Plus, with event-driven, real-time service alerts,
administrators and supervisors can achieve higher productivity. Now it is
easier than ever to view service logs, click counts, history reports
and more.
Experience the convenience of an Embedded Web Page right from your
desktop. This advanced web-based management tool allows users to
create and manage their own network scanning destinations, profiles
and web links. Administrators can access device settings, quality control,
account information and security settings.
Take Charge of Usage and Costs
With Sharp’s device management system, administrators and supervisors
can define user groups on the MX-M365N/M465N/M565N to manage
and restrict features, such as copying, scanning or printing. Easily set
up a custom user group to manage page counts (copy, print, scan or
fax operations). This helps to simplify cost management of imaging. The
MX-M365N/M465N/M565N can store profiles for up to 1,000 users.
24/7 Training with My Sharp™
Managing all of the advanced features of your Sharp product is simple
and easy. Ask your Authorized Sharp Dealer about the My Sharp website.
This dedicated customer training website is customized to your MX-M365N/
M465N/M565N and allows you to locate resources
and find information specific to your configuration,
truly helping you maximize your investment.
*Not available at time of launch.
The MX-M365N/M465N/M565N monochrome series document systems enhance
operational efficiency through versatile device management capabilities.
Standard retractable keyboard
simplifies data entry.