Sharp MX-M565N Copier User Manual

Some features require optional equipment. See your local dealer.
May vary depending on product configuration, machine settings
and operating and/or environmental conditions.
Actual transmission time will vary based on line conditions.
Based on Sharp Standard Test Chart with approximately 700
characters, letter size in standard resolution.
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Main Specifications
MX-M365N/ Base models include multitasking controller, 150-sheet DSPF,
M465N/M565N PCL
6 and PostScript
3™ printing systems, network scanning,
auto duplexing, 1 x 500-sheet paper drawer and a 100-sheet
bypass tray.
Type Monochrome multi-function digital document system
Display 10.1" (diagonally measured) color dot matrix high-resolution
touch panel tilting display. 1024 x 600 dots (W-SVGA).
Functions Copy, print, network print, network scan, document filing and fax
Copy System Dry electrostatic transfer/Dual component developer/
Magnetic brush development/OPC drums/Belt type fusing/
white LED exposure
Originals Sheets and bound documents
Original Sizes 5½" x 8½", 8½" x 11", 8½" x 11" R, 8½" x 14", 11" x 17"
Copy Size Min. 5½" x 8½", Max. 11" x 17" + 12" x 18"
Copy Speed 36/46/56 ppm (8½" x 11")
Multiple Copy Max. 999 copies
First Copy Time MX-M365N MX-M465N MX-M565N
Platen Glass 4.5 3.9 3.7
Warm Up Time 12 seconds
Magnification 25% to 400% in 1% increments (with document feeder
Original Feed 150-sheet DSPF with original size detection
Scan Speed Up to 85 IPM
Up to 170 IPM
Paper Capacity Standard: 600 Sheets/Maximum: 6,600 Sheets
Paper Feed Standard: (1) 500-sheet paper drawer (letter/legal/ledger/
System statement) and 100-sheet bypass tray (letter/legal/ledger/
statement/envelope). Optional: single, double or triple drawer
paper deck (500 sheets each drawer), tandem paper deck
(2,500 sheets) letter/legal/ledger/statement.
Paper Weights Paper drawers: 16 lb. bond to 80 lb. cover. Other paper types
and Types include plain, pre-printed, recycled, pre-punched, letterhead and
color paper. Bypass tray: 16-28 lb. bond (plain paper), 13-16
lb. bond (thin paper), 80-110 lb. cover (heavy paper), 20-24
lb. bond (Monarch/Com-10 envelope), tab paper (letter). Also
label paper, gloss paper, pre-printed, recycled, pre-punched,
letterhead, color paper and OHP film.
Duplexing Standard automatic duplex copying and printing
CPU Up to 1.8 GHz multi-processor design
Interface RJ-45 Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T), USB 2.0 (2 host ports,
front and rear), USB 2.0 (1 device port, rear)
Memory Standard 3 GB copy/print (shared)
Hard Disk Drive 320 GB
Copy Resolution Scan: B&W/color: 600 x 600 dpi; Copy Output: 1200 x 1200 dpi
Copy Modes Monochrome/Grayscale
Exposure Control Auto, Text, Text/Photo, Text/Printed-Photo, Printed-Photo, Photo,
Modes Map, Pale-Color Document. Settings: Auto or 9 step manual
Halftone 256 gradations/2 levels (monochrome)
Copy Features Scan-Once Print-Many, electronic sorting, offset-stacking,
Auto Paper Selection (APS), Auto Magnification Selection (AMS),
Auto Tray Switching (ATS), black-white reversal, blank page
skip, book copy, book divide, card shot, center erase, centering,
cover pages, dual page copy, edge erase, image edit, image
preview, insert pages, job build, job programs, margin shift,
mirror image, mixed size original, multi-page enlargement,
original count, pamphlet style, proof copy, repeat layout, reserve
copy, rotated copy, stamp, stamp custom image, suppress
background, tab copy, tab-paper insertion, tandem copy, toner
save mode, transparency inserts, watermark, 2-in-1 / 4-in-1 /
8-in-1 multi shot
Account Control Up to 1,000 users. Supports user-number authentication, login
name/password or login name/LDAP password
Output Tray Main output tray (top): 400 sheets (face down); optional right
Capacity side exit tray: 100 sheets (face down)
Firmware Flash ROM with local (USB), network update capability and firmware
Management update 1 to N with SRDM (Sharp Remote Device Manager)
Device Setup Web-based management/cloning with user/administrator level login
Service/Functions Remote front panel, remote access to service logs and click counts
Accessibility Tilt front panel, adjustment of key touch sound and speed,
Features concave key, document feeder free stop, job programs,
remote front panel, universal grip for paper trays, and
disable screen timeout
Environmental International Energy Star Program Ver. 2.0, European RoHS
Power AC 100-127 VAC, 60 HZ, 12 Amps
Power Consumption 1.44 kW or less
Weight Approx. 170 lbs.
Dimensions Approx. 24 1/4" (w) x 28" (d) x 33 1/4" (h)
Network Printing System
PDL Standard PCL
6, true
3™, optional XPS
Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
Print Speed 36/46/56 pages per minute (8½" x 11")
Print Drivers Windows Server
2003-2008, 2012, Windows XP, Windows
XP x64, Windows Server 2003-2008 x64, 2012 x64 Windows
, Windows Vista
x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64,
Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, MAC OSX (including 10.4-10.8),
Features Auto configuration, bar code font printing, carbon copy
print, chapter inserts, confidential print, continuous printing,
custom image registration, different cover page/last page/
other page, document control, document filing, duplex printing,
electronic sorting, folding, form overlay, hidden pattern print,
image rotation, image stamp, image type, job bypass print,
job retention, layout print, margin shift, multiple pamphlet,
network tandem print, N-up printing, offset stacking, page
interleave, pamphlet style, poster print, proof print, print and
send, print mode, punching, stapling, tab paper print, tab
printing, toner save mode, transparency inserts, tray status,
user authentication, watermarks, zoom print
Direct Printing File Types: TIFF, JPEG, PCL, PRN, TXT, PDF, Compact PDF, PDF/A
Encrypted PDF, PostScript and XPS.
Methods: Sharpdesk Mobile,
FTP, SMB, Web page, E-mail and USB
Resident Fonts 80 outline fonts (PCL), 139 fonts (PS)
Interface RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, USB 2.0
Operating Systems Windows Server 2003-2012, Windows XP, Windows Vista,
Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC OS X10.4, X10.5, X10.6, X10.7,
X10.8, Novell
, Linux
and Citrix
(XenApp 5.0
6.0, 6.5) and Windows Terminal Services, SAP device types.
Network Protocols TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6, IPSEC) SSL (HTTP, IPP, FTP), SNMPv3, SMTP,
POP3, LDAP, 802.1x for Windows and Unix. LPD and LPR for
for Novell environments. EtherTalk
. AppleTalk
for Macintosh
Printing Protocols LPR, IPP, IPPS, PAP, Raw TCP (port 9100), FTP, POP3, HTTP, and
Novell Pserver/Rprinter
Network Security IP/MAC address filtering, protocol filtering, port management,
user authentication and document administration
Security Standards IEEE-2600™-2008, DoD (NSTISSP) #11, CAC/PIV access control
Network Scanning System
Scan Modes Standard: Color, monochrome, grayscale
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Output Modes 600 dpi, 400 dpi, 300 dpi, 200 dpi, 150 dpi, 100 dpi
Image Formats Monochrome: TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, Encrypted PDF, XPS
Color: Grayscale, Color TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A, Compact PDF,
Encrypted PDF, XPS; Internet Fax: TIFF-FX, TIFF-F, TIFF-S
Image Monochrome Scanning: Uncompressed, G3 (MH), G4 (MR/MMR)
Compression Color/Grayscale: JPEG (high, middle, low)
Internet Fax mode: MH/MMR (option)
Scan Destinations E-mail, Desktop, FTP, Folder (SMB), USB, Internet fax (option),
Super G3 fax (option)
One-touch Up to 2,000 (combined scan destinations)
Group Destinations Up to 500
Programs 48 (combined)
Max. Jobs Up to 100
Network Protocols TCP/IP and SSL (includes HTTP, SMTP, LDAP, FTP, POP3), SMB,
ESMTP and 802.1x
Network Security E-mail server user authentication for LDAP and Active Directory
Software Sharpdesk
desktop personal document management software
(1 user license included), Sharpdesk Mobile (download)
B&W Super G3 Fax Kit (option)
Transmission Mode Super G3, G3
Modem Speed 33.6 KBPS
Compression JBIG, MMR, MR, MH
Scanning Method Sheet fed simplex or duplex or book
Max. Resolution 400 dpi
Transmit Speed Approx. 2 seconds with Super G3/JBIG
Auto Dialing Up to 2,000 (combined scan destinations)
Group Dial Up to 500 destinations
Inbound Fax Forwards received fax data to E-mail, FTP, SMB, Desktop, Fax,
Routing I-Fax
Long Originals Up to 33 1/4" (for transmission)
Programs 48 (combined)
Memory 1 GB
Halftone 256 levels
1K Saddle Stitch Finisher (option)
Type Console finisher with dual exit trays (mounts on left side
of host machine)
Output Trays Upper tray: Offset stack tray
Lower tray: Book tray for saddle stitch
Output Capacity 1,000 sheets (letter/statement size) or 500 sheets
(legal, ledger, letter)
Stapling Up to 50 sheets (letter/statement size) or 25 sheets
(legal, ledger or mixed)
Output Delivery Face down
Stapling Media Plain paper, letter/legal/ledger size or mixed
Stapling Positions 1 front, 1 rear, or both
Saddle Stitch Center stitch/center folding (2 staples)
Function letter/legal/ledger paper sizes
Saddle Stitch Up to 10 sets (11-15 sheets per set)/15 sets
Max. Sets (6-10 sheets per set)/20 sets (1-5 sheets per set)
Power Approx. 70 W or less
Hole Punching Optional three-hole punch unit MX-PNX5B
Weight Approx. 88 lbs.
Dimensions MX-FN10 (with tray extended): Approx. 26" (w) x 25" (d) x 39" (h)
Inner Finisher (option)
Type Built-in type stacking finisher
Output Tray Offset stacking tray
Output Capacity 500 sheets (letter size, non-stapled)
Stapling Three position; Up to 50 sheets (letter/statement)
Power Approx. 50 W
Hole Punching Optional three-hole punch unit MX-PN11B
Weight Approx. 26.5 lbs.
Dimensions (MX-FN11): Approx. 20" (w) x 25" (d) x 43" (h)
Optional Equipment
MX-DE12 Stand/1 x 500-sheet Paper Drawer
MX-DE13 Stand/2 x 500-sheet Paper Drawer
MX-DE14 Stand/3 x 500-sheet Paper Drawer
MX-DE20 Stand/500 + 2,000-sheet Tandem Paper Drawer
MX-LT10 Long Paper Feeding Tray
MX-36ABD Rolling Cabinet Base
MX-LC11 Large Capacity Tray
MX-FN17 Inner Finisher
MX-PN11B 3 Hole Punch Unit (MX-FN17)
MX-SCX1 Staple Cartridge (MX-FN17)
MX-FN10 1K Saddle Stitch Finisher
MX-RB22 Paper Pass Unit
(Required for MX-FN10, MX-FN11 and MX-FN18)
MX-PNX5B 3 Hole Punch Unit (MX-FN10)
AR-SC3 Staple Cartridge (MX-FN10/FN18)
MX-FN11 4K Stacking Finisher
MX-FN18 4K Saddle Stitch Finisher
MX-PNX6B 3 Hole Punch Unit (MX-FN11/MX-FN18)
AR-SC2 Staple Cartridge (MX-FN11/MX-FN18)
MX-TR13N Right-side Exit Tray Unit
MX-TU12 Center Exit Tray Unit
MX-PUX1 XPS Expansion Kit
(Requires MX-565XPS1GB)
MX-565XPS1GB 1GB Memory Upgrade
(Required for MX-PUX1)
MX-FX11 Fax Expansion Kit
MX-FWX1 Internet Fax Kit
MX-PF10 Bar Code Font Kit
AR-SU1 Stamp Unit
AR-SV1 Stamp Cartridge
(Requires AR-SU1 Stamp Unit)
MX-EB11 Compact PDF Kit
MX-EB12N Mirror Expansion Kit
MX-AM10 Web Browsing Expansion Kit
(Standard on the MX-M565N)
MX-AMX1 Application Integration Module
MX-FR44U Commercial Data Security Kit
MX-EC50 CAC Reader (Requires Data Security Kit)
DVENDFS Generic Vendor Interface Kit
MX-560NT Toner Cartridge
MX-560NV Developer
MX-560DR Drum