Dell 039YVGA00 Laptop User Manual

Function Keys
NOTE: Depending on the conguration of the laptop you purchased, some
of the function keys may have no associated tasks.
e <Fn> key is located near the bottom-left corner of the keyboard, and is used
together with other keys to activate certain functions. Hold down the <Fn> key
along with the key described below:
FI – Suspend Mode
Press <Fn><F1> to enable suspend mode. In the suspend mode,
the display and selected devices will switch o for less energy
F2 – Check Battery Status and Battery Charge Disable/Enable
Press <Fn><F2> to toggle between the Battery Status Meter,
Battery Charge Disable feature, and Battery Charge Enable
F3 – Mute on/o
Press <Fn><F3> to enable or disable the mute function.
F4 – Increase Display Brightness
Press <Fn><F4> to increase the brightness of the display.
F5 – Decrease Display Brightness
Press <Fn><F5> to decrease the brightness of the display.
F6 – Extend Desktop
Press <Fn><F6> to switch between the various external display
options available either simultaneously or separately.
F9 – Camera on/o
Press <Fn><F9> to switch o or switch on the camera.
F10 – Microsoft Mobility Center on/o
Press <Fn><F10> to launch or close the Microsoft Mobility Center
F11 – AlienFX
Press <Fn><F11> to disable or enable the AlienFX illumination.
F12 –Touch Pad on/o
Press <Fn><F12> to enable or disable the touch pad function
and the illumination around the touch pad. When the touch pad
function is switched o, the touch pad can still work temporarily
for three to ve seconds while the computer reboots into
the Windows
operating system, or resumes from standby or
hibernate mode.