Dell 039YVGA00 Laptop User Manual

Dear Valued Alienware Customer,
Welcome to the Alienware family. We are thrilled to include you among the
growing number of savvy high-performance computer users.
e Alienware technicians who have crafted your computer have made certain
that your high-performance computer is properly optimized and performs to its
fullest potential. We build computers with a single unwavering purpose: Build
It As If It Were Your Own. e technicians will not rest until your new computer
meets or exceeds our very demanding criteria!
We have tested your computer extensively in order to ensure that you enjoy
the highest levels of performance. In addition to a standard burn-in period,
your computer has been evaluated using real-world tools such as synthetic
performance benchmarks.
We invite you to share your experience with your new high-performance computer
with us, so do not hesitate to either e-mail or call Alienware with any questions
or concerns. e entire sta shares your enthusiasm for new technology and we
hope that you enjoy using your new computer as much as Alienware enjoyed
building it for you.
Alienware Sta