Dell 120L Laptop User Manual

20 Quick Reference Guide
Dell Diagnostics Main Menu
After the Dell Diagnostics loads and the
screen appears, click the button for the option
you want.
If a problem is encountered during a test, a message appears with an error code and a description of the
problem. Write down the error code and problem description and follow the instructions on the
If you cannot resolve the error condition, contact Dell (see "Contacting Dell" in your
User’s Guide
NOTE: The Service Tag for your computer is located at the top of each test screen. If you contact Dell,
technical support will ask for your Service Tag.
If you run a test from the
Custom Test
Symptom Tree
option, click the applicable tab described in
the following table for more information.
Option Function
Express Test Performs a quick test of devices. This test typically takes
10 to 20 minutes and requires no interaction on your
part. Run Express Test first to increase the possibility of
tracing the problem quickly.
Extended Test Performs a thorough check of devices. This test typically
takes 1 hour or more and requires you to answer
questions periodically.
Custom Test Tests a specific device. You can customize the tests you
want to run.
Symptom Tree Lists the most common symptoms encountered and
allows you to select a test based on the symptom of the
problem you are having.
Tab Function
Results Displays the results of the test and any error conditions
Errors Displays error conditions encountered, error codes, and
the problem description.
Help Describes the test and may indicate requirements for
running the test.