Dell 120L Laptop User Manual

Quick Reference Guide 5
Finding Information
NOTE: Some features or media may be optional and may not ship with your computer. Some features or media may
not be available in certain countries.
NOTE: Additional information may ship with your computer.
What Are You Looking For? Find It Here
A diagnostic program for my computer
Drivers for my computer
My device documentation
Notebook System Software (NSS)
Drivers and Utilities CD (also known as ResourceCD)
NOTE: The Drivers and Utilities CD may be optional and may
not ship with your computer.
Documentation and drivers are already installed on your
computer. You can use the CD to reinstall drivers (see
"Reinstalling Drivers and Utilities" in your User’s Guide) or
to run the Dell Diagnostics (see "Dell Diagnostics" in your
User’s Guide).
Readme files may be
included on your CD to
provide last-minute
updates about technical
changes to your computer
or advanced technical-
reference material for
technicians or experienced
NOTE: Drivers and documentation updates can be found at
Warranty information
Terms and Conditions (U.S. only)
Safety instructions
Regulatory information
Ergonomics information
End User License Agreement
Dell™ Product Information Guide