Sony PCG-GRT200Z Personal Computer User Manual

Unpacking Your Computer
For additional information about GigaPocket™ accessories and how to use them,
refer to the VAIO® Computer User Guide.
VAIO Computer Documents
VAIO® Computer User Guide — A searchable on-screen help file that
contains detailed information on how to use your new computer. See
“Locating Your VAIO Computer User Guide” on page 30 for more
VAIO® Computer Quick Start (this document) — Contains information
on unpacking and setting up your computer for immediate use.
VAIO® Computer Specifications — An online file that details the
hardware specifications and lists the installed programs on your computer.
Go to for more information.
Software CDs
Depending on the model you purchased, additional program CDs may be
included with your computer.
About System Recovery operations
Computers with the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system feature a Hard
Disk Drive recovery process that eliminates the need for Recovery CDs.
GigaPocket accessories (for models equipped with GigaPocket features)
TV coaxial converter cable
Infrared receiver
Remote control