Sony PCG-GRT200Z Personal Computer User Manual

Turning Off Your Computer
Turning Off Your Computer
Using the power button to turn off your computer may result in loss of data.
Follow the steps below to properly turn off your computer and avoid losing data.
To turn off your computer
1 Close all operations.
2 Click Start on the Windows® taskbar.
3 Click Turn Off Computer at the bottom of the Start menu to display the
Turn off computer window, and select Turn Off.
4 Wait for your computer to turn off automatically. The computer is off when
the power indicator turns off.
Respond to any prompts warning you to save documents.
During a period of inactivity, you can conserve battery life by using power saving
modes. See “Conserving Battery Power” in the VAIO® Computer User Guide for more
If you are unable to turn off the computer, press the power button and hold it until the
power indicator turns off. This operation may result in data loss.