Apple 5-inch flat panel monitor Computer Monitor User Manual

Check this section for solutions to problems you might experience with your display.
The light on the front of the monitor is flashing amber.
The power light flashes amber when an error has been detected.
If you see a repeating sequence of three short flashes,
the monitor is detecting input in
the wrong video format. Check that you have the correct graphics card installed and that
you’ve installed the correct monitor software.
If you see a sequence of two short flashes and a long flash,
the monitor is detecting a
problem with a backlighting lamp. Contact an Apple-authorized dealer or service provider
for information about resolving the problem.
No image appears on the screen.
Make sure the display is turned on.
Make sure the computer is turned on.
Make sure the power cord is plugged in properly.
If the display power cord is plugged into a grounded wall outlet or power strip,
check to
see whether power to the outlet has been interrupted. You can test the outlet by plugging
in something that you know works—like a desk lamp or radio.
Make sure the DVI and USB display cables are connected to your computer properly.
Make sure your computer is not in sleep.
If you have a problem with your display and nothing presented in this manual
solves it, consult the service and support information that came with your display for
instructions on how to contact an Apple-authorized service provider or Apple for
assistance. If you attempt to repair the display yourself, any damage you may cause to the
display will not be covered by the limited warranty on your display. Contact an Apple-
authorized dealer or service provider for additional information about this or any other
warranty question.