Apple 5-inch flat panel monitor Computer Monitor User Manual

24 Chapter 4
Attaching the Desktop Stand
If necessary, remove the flip-out stand.
For instructions, see “Removing the Flip-Out Stand” on page 25.
2 Lift the display up and hook the three plastic tabs on the top of the desktop stand into the
three openings on the back center area of the display.
3 Screw in the two plastic thumbscrews on the bottom of the cover.
Use a coin or flathead screwdriver to tighten the screws. Don’t overtighten the screws; you
might strip the threads.
4 Place the DVI and USB cables through the cable guide, if desired.
5 Connect the DVI and USB cables to the computer.
6 Connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB ports on the display, if desired.
7 If you’re using a locking cable, attach it to the security slot on the back of the display.
8 If desired, use the height, tilt, and swivel adjustments to position the display the way you
9 Plug in the monitor’s power cord.
First, hook the
display onto
the desktop stand.
Then tighten the
Important Make sure you leave some slack in the cables so you can tilt, swivel, and turn the