Apple 5-inch flat panel monitor Computer Monitor User Manual

30 Chapter 5
Protecting Your Display From Theft
The back of the display has a built-in slot for connecting a security lock. This lets you attach a
narrow, flexible cable that you can use to secure your display to prevent theft. Your monitor
cable also has a security ring that you can use to secure your monitor. Security locks are
available from an Apple-authorized dealer or computer retailer.
Follow the instructions that came with the locking cable to secure it to your display.
Do You Need to Install a Graphics Card?
Your Apple Studio Display works with a graphics card with a DVI digital-only connector. If
your computer doesn’t have the required graphics card, you must install one to use this
If you are not sure whether your computer or graphics card has the appropriate built-in
video capability, check with an Apple-authorized dealer.
Note: If you’re using more than one display, you may need a graphics card for each display
you are using.
F Security slot
Important When you attach a locking cable, make sure you leave enough slack in other
cables attached to the display. If you don’t, you may damage the cables or the connectors
when you adjust the position of the display.