Philips PM2831 Power Supply User Manual

Installation Instructions 3 - 3
3.4.2 Electrical installation
Pre-installation checks:
Read Chapter 1 "OPERATOR SAFETY" before makin
any connections.
Before insertin
the power plu
into the power supply, ensure that the
round conductor is functionin
Check that this instrument is suitable for the local situation as indicated on the
model number plate (sticker) on the rear panel.
NOTE : If the instrument must be wired to conform to local power, contact your
FLUKE Sales and Service Center to have it modified.
The power inlet module, located at the rear, is an inte
ral power adapter and
includes the power input socket, the holder for the two power fuses and the
POWER ON/OFF (1/0) switch. The two power fuses are located behind the flap
next to the power input socket.
WARNING: When a fuse must be replaced, the instrument must be turned
off and disconnected from the power. Refer to Chapter 2 in the
Reference Manual.