Sharp LL-T17D4 Computer Monitor User Manual

Connection of headphones
(commercially available)
Headphones (commercially available) can be
- When the headphones are connected, no sound
can be heard from the monitor speakers.
Connecting the monitor to a power
Connecting the monitor and turning the monitor on and off
Set the monitor as follows when establishing a
digital connection with a Power Mac using an ADC-
DVI adapter made by Belkin. (Operation has been
checked with the Power Mac G4 M7627J/A.)
- Perform settings with the Power Mac power
supply off.
1.After connecting the power cord, turn on the
monitor's main power.
2.Press the button and button simultaneously,
and while doing this press the power button (i.e.
turn the power on).
3.Set to [ON] with the buttons.
- Do not set to [ON] if you are not using a Belkin
ADC-DVI adapter, as this may result in
incorrect display.
4.Press the MENU button.
This completes setting.
Connect the accessory audio cable
When the accessory audio cable is connected to
the audio output terminal of the computer, the
sound of the connected computer is output from
the monitor speakers. You can also use the
headphone jack of the display.
AC outlet
Power cord
Power terminal
Audio cable
Audio output terminal
Audio input terminal
Headphone terminal