Sharp LL-T17D4 Computer Monitor User Manual

Instructions for attaching a VESA compliant arm
An arm or stand based on the VESA standard
(commercially available) can be attached to the
Procurement of the arm or stand is at the
customer's discretion.
Arms or stands able to be used
Attachments must satisfy the following.
- Compatible with the VESA standard.
- Have a gap of 100 mm x 100 mm between the
screw holes on the section to be attached.
- Not be likely to fall off or break off after being
attached to the monitor.
How to attach the arm or stand
- Be careful not to overly bend the cable or add
extension cords as this could lead to malfunction.
- While following these instructions, please also
refer to the installation instructions in the
operation manual included with the arm or stand.
- Be careful not to get your fingers pinched
between the display and stand nor to let the
stand drop. These could lead to injury.
1.Remove the cables.
2.Spread out a soft cloth on a suitable horizontal
3.Being careful not to damage the monitor, gently
lay the monitor on it display-side down.
4. Remove the cover.
- While pressing the areas on the sides, push
it up.
5. Remove the six screws and then remove the
stand from the monitor.
- The stand is specially made for use with this
monitor. Once having removed the stand, never
attempt to attach it to another device.
- Once having removed the screws, store them
together with the stand and if the stand is ever
re-attached be sure to use the original screws.
Using different screws could lead to a
6.Attach the arm to the monitor with the four
- The screws used to attach the arm should be M4
screws with a length of 6 mm ~ 8 mm protruding
from the surface to be attached. Using different
screws could cause the monitor to fall off or to be
internally damaged.
Screw used to attach arm
Part of monitor to which arm is