Sharp LL-T17D4 Computer Monitor User Manual

Connecting the monitor and turning the monitor on and off
Turning the power on
1.Turn on the main power of the monitor.
- When switching the main power switch on and
off, always wait for an interval of at least 5
seconds. Rapid switching may result in
2.Press the monitor's power button.
The power LED will light up orange.
3.Turn on the computer.
When a signal is input from the computer, the
power LED lights up green, and the screen is
displayed. (After power is turned on, it may take
a little time until the screen is displayed.)
Note for LL-T17D4:
- If the input terminal to which the computer is
connected has not been selected, the screen
will not be displayed. If necessary, perform input
terminal switching. (right column)
- When using an analog signal, perform an
automatic screen adjustment under the following
conditions (p.16):
- Using the monitor for the first time.
- After having changed the system settings
during use.
- Depending on the type of computer or OS, you
may need to install the monitor set-up
information on your system. (p.26)
- When connecting to a notebook, if the notebook
computer's screen is set to display at the same
time, the MS-DOS screen may not be able to
display properly. In this case, change the
settings so that only on the monitor.
Turn on the
computer power
Press power button.
Changing between input terminals
Use the INPUT button to switch between signal
input terminals.
Analog RGB input DVI-I input
terminal terminal
< >
The input signal type (ANALOG/DIGITAL) is
displayed within angle brackets < >.
- When there is no input signal, [NO SIGNAL] is
Turning the power off
1.Turn the computer off.
2.Press the monitor's power button.
The power LED will disappear.
If the monitor will not be used for a long time, turn
off the main power switch of the monitor, and
remove the power plug from the outlet.
Main power switch
Turn the computer
Press power button.