Sony FH35 Projector User Manual

Connecting the Projector
To attach the HDMI cable
Fix the cable to the cable tie holder at the bottom of the projector, using a commercially
available cable tie, as in the illustration.
Use a cable tie of less than 1.9 mm × 3.8 mm in thickness.
Projected images and input audio can be output to display equipment such as a monitor and
audio equipment such as speakers with a built-in amplifier.
This connector outputs the projected image or audio. The image is output as a computer signal input
from the RGB input connector (INPUT A, INPUT B) or a video signal input from the YP
BPR input
connector (INPUT A).
Connecting an External Monitor and Audio Equipment
Cable tie holder
Cable tie
Bottom of the projector
Mini D-sub 15-
pin cable
(not supplied)
RGB input
Display equipment
Audio input
Audio cable
(stereo mini plug)
(not supplied)
Audio equipment