Apple 150B Computer Monitor User Manual

Color Temperature window
How to Use the On Screen Display (OSD)
Your monitor has two preset options for color temperatures from which you can choose from. One 6500 K option for
Desktop Publishing (DTP). Another 9300 K option for Computer Aided Design (CAD) work. When you select an option, the
computer automatically adjusts itself for that color temperature. Monitor default setting for color temperatures is 6500 K
Smart Help
After re t u rning to Exit . . .
. . . to continue to User Pre s e t s , t u rn the RO TA R Y knob until CO L O R TE M P E R AT U R EWI N D O W is highlighted. Next, follow steps 2 - 8 under US E R
PR E S E T S on the next page.
. . . to exit completely, p ress the OSD button and choose either SAV E or NO SAV Ein setting mode, then push OSD button to exit OSD. (See
page 18 for other exit options.)
Press the OSD button.
After each pre s e t
setting is saved,
the on scre e n
display automatically
re t u rns to the
EX I T w i n d o w.
Tu rn the RO TA RY
k n o b until the
CO L O R w i n d o wi s
highlighted. Then
p ress the ON
Tu rn the RO TA RY k n o b
until DTP O R C A D / C A M
is highlighted.