Apple 150B Computer Monitor User Manual

Special Controls - The fourth window
features: Language, OSD Controls, Power Saving,
and Rotary Default. Details on adjusting these
features are on pages16 & 17.
Note: Language allows you to change the On
Screen Display from English to French,
Spanish, German, or Italian. See Page 16 for
more details.
Description of Controls
On Screen Display - Your monitor is preset at the factory for normal operation. However, you can adjust
it using the On Screen Display Button and the Rotary Knob as described on Page 6. Below is a brief
description of the four windows on the On Screen Display function.
Main Controls - The first window highlighted after the
OSD has been selected. It has three features: Brightness,
Contrast. To adjust the three features, turn to page 10 &
Screen Position & Quality -
This is the second window
highlighted after the OSD has been
selected. The four features are:
Vertical Position,Horizontal
Position, Phase Adjustment, and
Clock Adjustment. More details on
adjusting these features are on
Page 12 & 13.
Color Temperature - The third window
highlighted is the adjustment of the Color
Temperature. Select the color temperature you
prefer or make your own with User Setting 1 or 2.
Details are on Pages 14 & 15.
OSD Button