Apple 150B Computer Monitor User Manual

Description of Controls
Power Button – Tu rns the monitor
On and Off .
On Screen Display (OSD) button – Brings up the
On Screen Display and helps you navigate thro u g h
i t .
R o t a ry Knob – Helps
guide you through the
On Screen Display.
USB Bay –Slot for plugging in USB Hub. Optional
h a rd w a re that allows true Plug-and-Play.
See page 4 for installation details.
DC Jack – Plug the monitor’s DC power cord here .
Power Plug – Plug the AC power cord in here.
See Setting-up foldout for details.
L E D – Light Emitting Diode turn s
g reen when the monitor is on.
Auto Button – Press this button to automatically
adjust the horizontal position, vertical position,
phase, and clock settings. After few seconds, the
S AVE window will appear. Choose YES to keep the
new setting or NO to re s t o re the previous settings.
C o n t rol Indicators – for OSD button .
Kensington Lock S o c k e t – A special feature to
lock your monitor for anti-theft.