Bosch Appliances VG4-A-PSU2 Power Supply User Manual

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F.01U.250.895 | 1.0 | 2011.08 Installation Guide Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
3.3.2 Using UTP to Transmit Video and Control
Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable terminated with RJ45 male
connectors are used to transmit composite video using pins
1(+) and 2(-). Typically, a Coax to UTP cable converter is
required at the head-end of the system.
Bilinx control data can also be sent over the same two video
wires (1 & 2). Bilinx is a Bosch 2-way communication protocol
that allows remote control, configuration and updates over a
passive UTP cable.
VG5 100 and 600 Series AutoDomes feature cable
compensation or “Pre-Comp,” which extends the normal range
of control from the head end.
The following figure illustrates the connections necessary to
transmit video and control over a UTP cable.
Figure 3.1 Video and Control over UTP
Do not connect the RJ45 connector unless using UTP video.
Cable Compensation
Maximum Distance
Cable Type Pre-comp OFF Pre-comp ON
CAT5 UTP 229 m (750 ft) 450 m (1500 ft)
Terminal Connector RJ45
Requirement Coax to UTP Converter
1 Head End Video 3 Pins
2Coax 4AutoDome
1(+) &