GE 45606 Switch User Manual

Observe Important Wiring Information
Always follow the recommended wire strip lengths and
wiring combinations when making wiring connections.
Important: The wire connectors included with this dimmer
are intended to only be used with copper wire. Consult a
qualified electrician if you have aluminum wiring.
Strip insulation 3/8” for 12 or 14 AWG wire. Strip insulation
7/16” for 16 or 18 AWG wire.
Hold stripped ends together in parallel and align any frayed
strands (do not twist wires).
Push wires firmly into connector. Twist connector clockwise
with fingers until tight. Pull wires to check for tightness.
Wire Connector / Combination Chart
One #14 w/one-to-four #16 or #18
One #12 w/one-to-three #14 or #16 or #18
Two #14 w/one-to-three #16 or #18
Two #12 w/one or two #14 or #16 or #18
You should now be able to use the rocker to manually turn On/Off a
lamp plugged into the Z-Wave controlled outlet.
Use your primary controller to include the dimmer switch in the
home control network after the dimmer switch is wired as shown in
the above diagram,. It can then be added to groups and/or lighting
scenes and managed remotely to control the On/Off status and
brightness level of the connected incandescent lighting.