GE 45606 Switch User Manual

Air Gap Switch
During normal operation, there is a small amount of power
passing through the switch to the load even when the dimmer
switch is turned off. The 45606 has an air gap switch on the
lower left side (see diagram for location) to completely disconnect
power to the load. Pull the air gap switch OUT to disconnect the
power while replacing light bulbs and push it all the way back in
for normal operation. The air gap switch must be all the way in
for the dimmer to function and control the lighting.
Key Features
- Remote On/Off/Brightness control via the Z-Wave
- Manual On/Off/Brightness control with the front panel rocker
- LED indicates switch location in a dark room
- Adjustable Dim rates
Remote Control
GE Z-Wave remotes provide control of an Individual device,
Groups of devices and Scenes. Other brands of Z-Wave
Certified remotes may not offer as much flexibility in how you
can set up your lighting control network. Please refer to your
remote control’s instructions for details on its capabilities and
instructions for adding and controlling devices.
Manual Control
The 45606 dimmer switch allows the user to: