GE 45606 Switch User Manual

120 VAC
60 Hz
Black Black Black
Typical Dimmer Wiring Schematic
Single, Dual and Triple Gang Boxes
The metal plate surrounding the switch assembly is a heat
sink. The maximum load rating (500W) is provided when
installed in a single gang box with the full heat sink. Multiple
45606 Dimmer Switches may be installed in dual or triple
gang boxes and, if necessary, one or both sides of the heat
sink may be removed by bending it at the score lines. There
is a corresponding reduction in the switch’s load rating
when ganged. DO NOT exceed the following loads:
Dimmer Rating Number of Dimmers Heat Sink
500W One Dimmer in a Single Gang Box Full
400W Two Dimmers in a Double Gang Box One side
300W Three Dimmers in a Triple Gang Box Both sides