GE 45606 Switch User Manual

Please Note: Z-Wave home control networks are designed to work
properly alongside 802.11 wireless computer networks, Bluetooth
and other 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz devices. Some baby cams, wireless video
devices and older cordless phones using the 900MHz frequency range
may cause interference and limit Z-Wave functionality. Many 900MHz
products have a switch to select channel “A” or “B”. You may find that
one of these channels will cause less interference than the other.
This dimmer switch may be used in new installations or
to replace an existing wall switch (incandescent lighting
only). A wall plate is not included. You may be able to
re-use your existing wall plate if you are replacing a
standard decorator style switch or dimmer. If this is a new
installation or your existing wall plate can not be used,
we recommend the use of a mid-sized, decorator style
wall plate. These are available at most home centers or
hardware stores.
See diagram on next page.